Celestron 52252 100mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope Review

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The Celestron52252 100mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scopeis a waterproof 45 degrees spotter. One gets to view objects that are hundreds of metres away yet the price is less than half the competition. It has been acclaimed with crisp and very clear images by those who go for bird watching, spotting games, sightseeing of scenic sites and even watching sites like the moon. Its 45 degrees eyepiece gives it a very comfortable view not forgetting the waterproof feature which enables it handle harsh and rainy weather.

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Celestron 52252 Spotting Scope Features

Given the need to travel with the Celestron 52252spotting scope over rugged terrains or even in the bushes it comes as a great relief to know it very easily portable. To add onto this it has a soft carrying case which enables one have a good time both when carrying it and when using it to view objects.

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When one sees a running animal or flying bird you will need a quick scope to be able to view the object clearly. A sight tube is installed in this scope to enable one have a quick targeting of the object. The scope has also been made to view objects under limited light while still giving very clear and focused sites

The 100mm refractor has very excellent multi-coated optics packed into a portable and a long durable refractor design and comes standard with a 22-66x zoom eyepiece. This series was designed to perform well in a range of viewing situations; this sets it aside as an all time instrument that one can use in almost any situation.

Celestron 52252 Spotting Scope Review

The Celestron 52252 100mm spotting scope has been rated as top 100 in the camera and binoculars segment at Amazon. There are 256 reviews on the gadget and 137 of the 256 gave a five star feedback whereas the rest gave a four star feedback. The average review is 4.4. The fact that it has been rated as a top performer gadget at Amazon against thousands of items proves of its good quality. The buyers are very much pleased with the zooming capability and the many other features in comparison with the price that it commands. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Though most people would just put the Celestron Ultima Zoom spotting scope over the eye and start watching one is advised that the images might not be clear and they might even become sturdy. It is for this reason that one should get a pair of tripods to have steady images especially of objects from far. When one zooms all the way the images become less clear, this is expected especially if the images are extremely far away. One can avoid adjusting the focus to the end and clear images will come to view.

Celestron 52252 spotting scopes are a great companion for any nature seeing or outdoor enthusiast who wants to have some fun. The spotters will view almost everything in such a clear way that the eyes will be left happy. What’s more the price is just a fraction of the competition! Buy one today and experience the difference! Click here to buy from Amazon and save 26% Now!

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