Celestron 52303 Regal Refractor 100mm F-ED Spotting Scope Review

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For those of us who love outdoor activities like bird watching and game rides the one important tool to carry with you always is the Celestron 52303 Regal Refractor 100mm F-ED spotting scope. The spotting scope not only magnifies object that are quite far but it also gives the observer very crystal clear images while at it. The unit is very well designed and manufactured for all seasons, because it can withstand any harsh climatic conditions that would put dents and scratches on it. It is also waterproof, all these is in consideration that the observer might very well be in those wet locations that are best suited for the ultimate viewing of the objects that they want to view.

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Celestron 52303 Regal Refractor Spotting Scope Features

The 100mm focus will let you view any object that you can think of. One will very clearly see birds that far away come so close to the eye that you might be tempted to touch or you can watch a lion chasing an antelope in the jungle with such tenacity that you will first keep the scope down to be sure that the lion is not coming after you. The Celestron angled spotting scope can also be used to view the moon. The images are amazing and will leave the viewer awed.

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The unit is supplied in a very weather proof case that will ensure that the scope stays intact under all circumstances. When carrying the scope one can be assured that the lens which is quite sensitive together with the unit as a whole is safe from any lacerations. Though the Celestron spotting scope comes without the tripods it performs exceptionally well when it is held by the hand alone.

The Celestron 52303 F-ED spotting scope also reaches the owner with its regal refractor scope that is 100 F-ED. You can literally view object sin a wide area without necessarily shifting the focus of the scope or even turning it. It is that amazing. There are also no chromatic aberrations with any of its views.

Celestron 52303 Spotting Scope Review

The Celestron 52303 spotting scope has received numerous reviews on the internet on the many different websites most of them very positive. On the Amazon website there are just a few reviews but they nevertheless give a somewhat good representation of what the other reviewers think of the scope. Of the five reviews found here all give a 4.0 star feedback and above. The buyers are in agreement that the scope has quite a good viewing and focus plus there are no chromatic aberrations. Click here to read these reviews.

Though most of the reviews are very positive there is one buyer who found it not very okay for Celestron not to include the tripod. The tripod is good for focusing purposes but then the Celestron 52303 angled spotting scope can very effectively be used without the need of a tripod. Therefore this cannot really be classified as a really worrisome issue to deal with.

All in all the scope has very good features some highlighted above and others that can be experienced by you when you buy it. Buy the scope and experience how the world looks like beyond the reach of your eyes. Click here to save $684 on the Celestron spotting scope for a limited time only!

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